Not Your Average Cloth

After discovering and working with cotton yarn I took a detour and made dishcloths.   Nothing could beat my dishcloths from Walmart.  Let me say this, I haven’t used a store bought dishcloth in a few months now.  The first few ones I made were nothing spectacular, just your basic square pattern.  I had my doubts about washing dishes with it so I shared them with friends.  The cotton yarn is the key.  I like it because it’s inexpensive and comes in an array of marvelous colors.

Sugar ‘n Cream is one of my favorites.  I like the way things feel on my hands and I’ve found Sugar ‘n Cream to be a bit hard on my hands and I always have a tight tension for some reason.  So I try not to make too many things with this yarn, mainly large projects.


Pineapple Dishcloth Citrus Punch Pack Citrus Punch Dishcloths Spa Cloth

Neon Nancy!!!!

If you want to see some of the cutest dolls that are full of color, please check out My Kinda Thing. I just love her work.

My Kinda Thing

I’ve been using lots of neon colors lately. While experimenting with unique color color combinations, I created “Neon Nancy”!


I love the purple touching the neon yellow! I love how bright and exciting the neon yellow is against the calm of the purple, and of course blue always adds an extra dose cool! I think she’s really cute!

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The Point of Appearing at Creativ Festival?

It’s all about hooking, don’t get it twisted.

Knot Just Yarn Blog

The Crochet Crowd, Hooker Alley, The Crochet Crowd

Our fans are always asking me why I keep choosing Creativ Festival as one of the only places where The Crochet Crowd comes out to play. It’s simply due to location and the amount of people that show up. Attending shows are extremely costly and though we would love to attend more… we simply cannot afford it.

We take the show extremely seriously as brings out 10’s of thousands of guests who will walk past us during the 2 or 3 day show. It’s held every April and October. It’s an opportunity to showcase creativity to people who think crochet is just for old ladies in rocking chairs, complete with kitty cats on their lap. The Crochet Crowd defies the stereotype and I am pretty proud of that.

Crochet Yarn Bike. Mikey preparing to yarn bomb his bike. He was taking notes and writing down dimensions to aim…

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I Call Her Passion

Now that the weather is getting a little warmer it’s time to start on some colorful spring time hats/beanies.  Since the weather is changing it’s time to change to  lighter and brighter yarn.    I’m enjoying the collection of I Love This Yarn  by Hobby Lobby.  You can compare this to the RedHeart With Love collection.  The only difference I can see is the I Love This Yarn is a bit softer and not as thick as the RedHeart With Love.  They are both good brands and I will continue to purchase them both.  It’s totally up to you, I just say  create something magical with your yarn and hook.

HL Cloudy Sea Acrylic

Cloudy Sea
Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn

RH With Love

Red Heart With Love

This pattern is your basic beanie pattern.  If you have a favorite pattern that you like to use, then by all means use it.  There’s nothing complicated with this pattern and if you are familiar and comfortable with making hats this is a breeze.  The flower I used comes from  Big Bloom Hat pattern.  

Project List

1 skein of I Love This Yarn (Hobby Lobby) or any acrylic yarn

Cloudy Sea

1 skein contrasting color for Large Flower

Turquoise (Red Heart)

1 skein contrasting color for Small Flower

Purple (Red Heart)

*I didn’t have the label for the contrasting colors, I used my scrap yarn

“H” hook

1 Large Button

Tapestry Needle


ss – slip stitch

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

hdc – half double crochet


–        Slip stitch in 1st does not count as a stitch

Let’s begin

 PassionOPAAT Hat

Basic Beanie Hat

With Main Color and H hook make the Magic Circle

Round 1:  Ch1, 12sc in circle, join with ss to 1st sc. (12)

Round 2:  Ch1, 2hdc in same st as join, 2hdc in each st around, join with ss.  (24)

Round 3:  Ch1, 1hdc in same st, 2hdc in next st, 1hdc in next st, 2hdc in next st, repeat to end, join with ss. (36)

Round 4:  Ch1, 1hdc in same st, 1hdc in next st, 2hdc in next st, 1hdc in next 2sts, 2hdc in next st, repeat to end, join

with ss. (48)

Round 5:  Ch1, 1hdc in same st, 1hdc in next 2sts, 2hdc in next st, 1hdc in next 3sts, 2hdc in next st, repeat to end, join

with ss. (60)

Round 6-15:  Ch1, 1hdc in same st, 1hdc in each st around, join with ss. (60)

Round 16-20:  Ch1, 1sc, in same st, 1sc in each st around, join with ss. (60)

Fasten of and weave ends.

Decide which color you would like your small and large flower to be and follow pattern accordingly.

The flower pattern can be found here.

Small Flower

Round 1: With B, ch 6; join in first ch to form a ring; ch 1, 7 sc in ring; join with slip st in first sc – 7 sc.

Round 2: Ch 1, 2 sc in each sc around; join – 14 sc.

Round 3: (Ch 3, 4 tr, ch 3, slip st) all in first sc, * skip next sc **, (slip st, ch 3, 4 tr, ch 3, slip

st) all in next sc; repeat from * around, end at ** – 7 petals. Fasten off.

Large Flower

Round 1: With B, ch 6; join in first ch to form a ring; ch 3, 13 dc in ring; join with slip st in first dc – 14 dc.

Round 2: Ch 3, dc in same st, 2 dc in each dc around; join – 28 dc.

Round 3: Repeat Round 3 of Small Flower – 14 petals. Fasten off.

Passion Sideview OPAAT Hat

Attach small flower to large flower, attach button.

*Make sure you are working on the right side.

Attach flower and button to hat.

Have fun, enjoy and happy hooking!

Passion Hat Download

Life is Too Short Not To Experiment

Don’t be afraid to try a new stitch or pattern.  I try to learn a new stitch in my so called down time.  When I look around my house I have loads of patterns in binders and organizers.  Sometimes I  go through my discarded patterns to see if I can master the pattern at this present time.  There’s a reason why it was tucked away and it gives me the opportunity if it’s a yay or nay.

I gave myself a little challenge.  A coworker wanted three dog sweaters, so I told her to buy the yarn and I’ll make them.  Well let me tell you, almost three weeks later and I’m not close to a darn thing.  Making clothing for dogs is not my strong suit at all.  First off, I can’t visualize the breed of their dog and even with custom measurements I’m struggling.  I’m determined to give her at least one sweater by the end of the week.  So here’s to me experimenting with a different pattern.

I saw a lovely sweater in the May/June 2013 Crochet Today magazine with a stitch that looked interesting.

As I was searching for what I was writing about above, my attention switched from looking for the info on the sweater to the next edition of the Crochet Today! magazine.  Feast your eyes on this crochet candy….

Sunday Cardigan

Sunday Cardigan

Here’s  the specs from their April/May 2014


RED HEART Boutique Unforgettable, 3.5oz/100g balls, each approx 279yd/256m (acrylic)

  • 5 (5, 6, 6, 7, 7) skeins #3965 Candied


  • Size H/8 (5mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge


  • 2.5 yds of Ribbon or Cord
  • Yarn needle


S (M, L, 1X, 2X, 3X)


Chest 36 (40, 44, 48, 52, 56)”/91.5 (101.5, 112, 122, 132, 142)cm

Length 26.5 (26.5, 26.5, 27, 27, 27)”/67.5 (67.5, 67.5, 68.5, 68.5, 68.5)cm


24 sts = 6.5″/16.5cm and 16 rows = 5.5″/14cm over pattern.

I’m heading over to the wonderful life of online shopping to purchase the yarn.

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Mikey Mikey Testing An Idea

I feel like I am a cat sometimes. I have a need to explore and be curious. Diva Dan and I are on the polar opposites to a design I am working on right now. Personally, I think the design is incredible but it’s not big enough to get the full visual of what it can turn out to be. To Diva Dan, the colours need to be more defined between the squares like a checker board.

As much as Diva Dan and I are very creative, we don’t come at creativity at the same angle on some issues. This diversity is what makes us a great couple. If we agreed on everything, our lives would be pretty boring with nothing to discuss to share with each other.

In my project, I am using James C Brett Chunky Marble Yarn. I am letting the yarn…

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Ice Cream Hat

Thought I would not go back to making hats for a while.  After seeing so many lovelies I started back again.  What was I thinking, hats are a great way to display your skills.  I showed off a couple and in return received a sale, whoopee!  Duh, it’s cold out and people are still wearing hats.  The plan I have in the works is to go through all my WIP’s of hats and finish weaving the ends.  You already know I don’t like to do it but it has to get done.  Whatever hat that does not sell I will donate what I have to a charity.

The Chameleon Hat on Raverly caught my attention very quickly.  The sizes were straight forward and easy to follow.  Even though it’s geared for Newborn-Kids it had instructions on how to make it adult size with simply adding a two rows.  Ice Cream Hat with Watermark1

There are so many color combos that can be made and of course think of what type of embellishment you can add to it.

I found another hat to make from the same site called Rina’s Beanie

Name change…… Cool Summer Hat

Cool Summer HatLogo

This was my first time making a hat from cotton yarn.  I usually use the cotton yarn for my dishcloths but now they are going to serve another purpose.  I may have to venture out to Hobby Lobby and try their brand of cotton yarn.  Any excuse is good for me to go buy yarn.

C2C Dishcloth

I’ve seen many C2C (corner to corner) blankets and I wanted to try one on a smaller scale.  Making blankets is very time consuming for me and I applaud those who stick with it.  This is my first written pattern and if you find any errors please forgive me and let me know.

C2C Dishcloth


Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton Yarn

·      Hot Pink (18416)

·      White (18001)

Hook size H (5mm)

Tapestry Needle


Gauge:  Not critical

Finished Measurement:  7X7


          ch chain

          st stitch

          sk skip

          sp – space

          dc double crochet


First Triangle

With Hot Pink, ch4.

Row 1:  2dc in 4th ch from hook. (1)

Row 2:  Ch3, turn, 2dc in 1st dc, sk next dc, 3dc in last dc(turning chain). (2)

Row 3:  Ch3, turn, 2dc in 1st dc, 3dc in next sp, 3dc in last dc. (3)

Row 4:  Ch3, turn, 2dc in 1st dc, 3dc in next sp (2x), 3dc in last dc. (4)

Row 5:  Ch3, turn, 2dc in 1st dc, 3dc in next sp (3x), 3dc in last dc. (5)

Change to White

Row 6:  Ch3, turn, 2dc in 1st dc, 3dc in next sp (4x), 3dc in last dc. (6)

Row 7:  Ch3, turn, 2dc in 1st dc, 3dc in next sp (5x), 3dc in last dc. (7)

Row 8:  Ch3, turn, 2dc in 1st dc, 3dc in next sp (6x), 3dc in last dc. (8)

Row 9:  Ch3, turn, 2dc in 1st dc, 3dc in next sp (7x), 3dc in last dc. (9)

Row 10:    Ch3, turn, 2dc in 1st dc, 3dc in next sp (8x), 3dc in last dc. (10)

Weave ends


Second Triangle

With White, ch4.

Row 1:  2dc in 4th ch from hook. (1)

Row 2:  Ch3, turn, 2dc in 1st dc, sk next dc, 3dc in last dc(turning chain). (2)

Row 3:  Ch3, turn, 2dc in 1st dc, 3dc in next sp, 3dc in last dc. (3)

Row 4:  Ch3, turn, 2dc in 1st dc, 3dc in next sp (2x), 3dc in last dc. (4)

Row 5:  Ch3, turn, 2dc in 1st dc, 3dc in next sp (3x), 3dc in last dc. (5)

Change to Hot Pink

Row 6:  Ch3, turn, 2dc in 1st dc, 3dc in next sp (4x), 3dc in last dc. (6)

Row 7:  Ch3, turn, 2dc in 1st dc, 3dc in next sp (5x), 3dc in last dc. (7)

Row 8:  Ch3, turn, 2dc in 1st dc, 3dc in next sp (6x), 3dc in last dc. (8)

Row 9:  Ch3, turn, 2dc in 1st dc, 3dc in next sp (7x), 3dc in last dc. (9)

Row 10:    Ch3, turn, 2dc in 1st dc, 3dc in next sp (8x), 3dc in last dc. (10)

Weave Ends


With long side of both triangles whipstitch ends together to form a square.

Feel free to make and sell items from this pattern.  Please do not copy or post this pattern as your own. A link back to www.oneprojectatatimeblog.wordpress or is all that is required.


We all have done a few dishes in our lifetime.  Dishwashing is not an enjoyable task to do.  But, it has to get done anyway.  Why not put a spark in your dishwashing chore with a crocheted dishcloth.  Dishcloths are fun, easy and quick to make.

I didn’t think crocheting a dishcloth would be challenging enough for me.  Boy, was I wrong.  I’ve come across many beautiful patterns.  Some were too pretty to put in water.  Being the yarn hoarder that I am I knew I had some cotton yarn.  Once I found the yarn then it was time to troll on Raverly.  In my mind I was thinking something square and one color.  I figured it wouldn’t hold up like the ones I buy at the store.  WRONG……  What an experienced I had when I finished and used it.  I swear my dishes were shining when I got through with them, lol.  The cotton yarn felt thick in water and it was tough enough to actually scrub stuck on food.  Then I got carried away and started wiping everything down.

I couldn’t wait for work the next morning so I can tell the ladies about my latest project.  When I bring something in to share, I expect them to give me their honest opinion about it.  My friend Pam has to listen to me talk about crochet this and that all day so I made her a dishcloth to try out.  She loved it even though her husband asked what was it, lol.  Pam’s suggestion was to make it a little bigger.  Another suggestion made to me by my BFF Amy was to make a tighter stitch.  Who wants a dishcloth full of holes and it’s catching every knife and fork as you wash?  So I made them bigger and tighter and got bold in color.

After a few weeks of making dishclothes I purchased Dishcloths by Lesiure Arts.  This books has over 17 designs to chose from.  It is my goal to make every dishcloth in this book.   Pictures to follow soon.

In the meantime check out my written pattern of a C2C Dishcloth.


A Swerve Scarf in Just 60 Seconds

This has to be the easiest scarf to make. By the time Christmas arrives again I can have a tote full of gifts.  The cost of the yarn is between $5.49 to $7.89.  Since it’s so easy and  takes 60 seconds I will spring into action when a yarn sale happens and arm myself with a 40% off coupon and my 15% off discount card.

Swerve Yarn

Red Heart Boutique™ Swerve Yarn

This loopy yarn is fun and so easy to use. You can make a scarf in just minutes using only your bare hands! It’s perfect for mindless projects and kids just starting out.

  • Weight category: 6
  • Content: 81% acrylic/17% wool/2% polyester
  • Put up: 3.5oz/100g, 11yd/10m
  • Gauge: accurate gauge is not important for most projects using this yarn; may be used with size 50 needles or Q hook
  • Dyelotted: We try but are not always able to match dyelots
  • Care: Hand wash gently in cold water (86F/30C), lay flat to dry, do not bleach, do not iron, may be cry cleaned with any solvent except trichloethylene

Click here for the pattern or look below for the instructionsSwerve Yarn Scarf Pattern

Unwind the ball of yarn and lay it flat on the floor or table. Take one end of the yarn and match up with the opposite end, doubling your yarn. Using your hand and doubled yarn, make a slip knot leaving a 5” tail and adjust loop to width of your hand. Pull yarn through the loop to form a chain. Using the palm of your hand to adjust the size of chain. Continue to pull yarn through each chain formed until you reach 45”. Tie off. Knot each end three times and trim remaining yarn.


Knot Just Yarn Blog

Yes you can! You can actually do up an entire scarf in about 60 seconds.

Bulky novelty yarns like Red Heart Swerve are really great for doing an exceptionally speedy project! The yarn is doing all of the bulk and work for the final look. You are just helping it out a little to give it the full look it needs.

Review the video below and see how easy it is to make!

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Copyright This, Copyright That

Technology has gotten away from us.  All I want to do is crochet from patterns and what I see.  Nowadays, that can’t be done without you breaking some type of copyright and trademark law.  I’m speaking about large companies not the crochet lady who makes character hats for you.  Yes, companies want to turn a buck but for the little people who want to do the same give them a break.  It should be an honor if someone wants your character on the their crocheted item.  Think about it as free advertising.  This could be a win win situation for all.

Let me try to explain.. Minion

  • someone wants a Minion hat
  • you locate 100′s of free patterns online
  • you crochet your favorite hat using similar colors and embellishments
  • you give/sell to your customer and everyone is happy

This is my personal experience.  I’m still on the Minion hat scenario.  Since I don’t have little kids at home  I’m clueless on the latest and greatest characters for the year.  Thanks to my favorite crochet groups and blogs I’m able to keep up on the latest fashion for kids.  With me, one thing leads into another.  Next thing I know I end up on Pinterest and Raverly searching for more.  Eventually I know more about the character than I wanted to know, lol.  To put it bluntly, by me making the Minion hat it  sparked my desire to purchase official Minion gear.  So this time the company wins and I’m giving back for crocheting their design on my crocheted hat.

Hmmmmmmm, if it’s already posted online who is in violation the person who posted it or the designer?

This post is debatable and will require more research.  Great another task added to the list Sad smile.


I was doing my usual routine of checking Facebook which led me to a contest, the contest sent me to a Stitch & Unwind’s blog, I browsed the blog and I ended up finding 10 Free “Despicable Me” Minion crochet patterns.

Tonight was a great night, found new blogs to read and new patterns, all this from entering a contest.