Completed: Crochet project bag and some adventures in crochet

Oh the joys of looking back at your first project and comparing it to now. I know I’ve made some disasters like making a hat for a baby that ended up the size of a giant, lol. My sister has now picked up the crochet hook and shares her first projects with me. They are quite different but we all started out that way. She laughs at the fact that she can show me a picture of yarn and I can tell her which brand it is. In time, we will all reach the level of satisfaction that we want to achieve.


A couple of weeks ago I started to learn crochet. What, crochet? And you didn’t like knitting, why would you even try crochet? And do you really need another hobby? Well, I want to have some projects that I can easily take with me on the train. While you can technically take hand-sewing projects on the train I find this a bit too much trouble because you need to bring thread, needles, pins, scissors and a bag to put all the cut off threads in because I don’t want to litter and then I’m constantly worrying that I’m dropping pins all over the place and that someone else will sit in them. A knitting or crochet project requires much less stuff and I think these might work better for travel related crafting. I’ve tried knitting twice and both times this wasn’t very successful so crochet (only 1 hook!) seemed like…

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