Crochet Intro

You want to learn to crochet?  You have already found your favorite groups/sites/blogs on social media.    You have your yarn, hook, and a lovely sweater pattern full of detail and multiple color changes.  You are on your way to being the best crochet designer out there.

You see this

                                      When in fact you will only see and do this

Single Square Coasters

When I first learned to crochet many decades ago the only thing I made were Granny Square Blankets.  I only knew the basic stitches and counting the stitches were no problem because the pattern called for repeat groups/clusters.  That’s all I made until I grew bored with that and found another hobby.

I picked the hook up again and thanks to the world wide web I can learn to crochet anytime of day or night and the added bonus a personal teacher thanks to YouTube videos.  It’s nothing wrong with making Granny Squares, that square will open your mind to endless possibilities.  I always tell beginners to always start off with something simple like a square.  That basic square will be your best friend for a week or two.  Your friends will have more than enough coasters from you and they won’t have the heart to tell you to stop, lol.

Before you begin your coaster, stop by Red Heart and bookmark it.  They have loads of patterns, tutorials and videos.  The major yarn companies offer the same services.  I have a few sites that I absolutely love and some I just don’t bother.  The ones I don’t bother with are a personal preference, such as I don’t like the font or pattern instruction layout.  What are some of your favorite crochet pattern sites?  Make sure you leave a comment below.

Mikey, from The Crochet Crowd  (website) is a great blog to follow.

Let’s make a Granny Square

Sit back and watch the video a few times and follow along.  If you think you are ready then click here and make your first coaster.

I’m new to blogging so this is a work in progress and I have to figure out all the bells and whistles.

Comments, suggestions or just say hey is always welcomed.

“A day without crocheting is not a good day”


3 thoughts on “Crochet Intro

  1. Ok, I was going to get started on a baby blanket for my sister in law and now after seeing this I want to also start making a coaster!!! Lol looks like I’m going to have 2 WIPs. I’m sure my husband is going to be thrilled with the news lol. Thanks for the info and sites. I’ll be visiting up here often. I’m going to have to start a binder soon smh 🙂 ♡♡♡

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