About Me

If you are a die hard crocheter you will understand.  I have so many WIP’s going on at one time until I confuse myself.  The attack of the yarn has made it to my home.  Yarn has found it’s way from my computer room, bedroom, and now it rests in the family room.  Pretty funny having my son’s friends over and they are moving yarn to sit down and I provide the entertainment of showing them my finished work.  I think that’s the real reason why they want to come by so much.

To combat the many unfinished projects I decided to keep an online presence of what I do, make and find on the web.  Enough with the binders and keeping a paper trail, that turned into many binders stashed in various locations and not being touched.  With technology being used everywhere it’s easier to record what’s going on via computer and not with pen and paper.  Since I like to multitask I’m going to chose one project to make just for me and one themed project to post and sell on a monthly basis.

Keep your fingers crossed and see if I can do it.

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