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We all have done a few dishes in our lifetime.  Dishwashing is not an enjoyable task to do.  But, it has to get done anyway.  Why not put a spark in your dishwashing chore with a crocheted dishcloth.  Dishcloths are fun, easy and quick to make.

I didn’t think crocheting a dishcloth would be challenging enough for me.  Boy, was I wrong.  I’ve come across many beautiful patterns.  Some were too pretty to put in water.  Being the yarn hoarder that I am I knew I had some cotton yarn.  Once I found the yarn then it was time to troll on Raverly.  In my mind I was thinking something square and one color.  I figured it wouldn’t hold up like the ones I buy at the store.  WRONG……  What an experienced I had when I finished and used it.  I swear my dishes were shining when I got through with them, lol.  The cotton yarn felt thick in water and it was tough enough to actually scrub stuck on food.  Then I got carried away and started wiping everything down.

I couldn’t wait for work the next morning so I can tell the ladies about my latest project.  When I bring something in to share, I expect them to give me their honest opinion about it.  My friend Pam has to listen to me talk about crochet this and that all day so I made her a dishcloth to try out.  She loved it even though her husband asked what was it, lol.  Pam’s suggestion was to make it a little bigger.  Another suggestion made to me by my BFF Amy was to make a tighter stitch.  Who wants a dishcloth full of holes and it’s catching every knife and fork as you wash?  So I made them bigger and tighter and got bold in color.

After a few weeks of making dishclothes I purchased Dishcloths by Lesiure Arts.  This books has over 17 designs to chose from.  It is my goal to make every dishcloth in this book.   Pictures to follow soon.

In the meantime check out my written pattern of a C2C Dishcloth.



Goals for the New Year

The craft side of my life is in a state of confusion.  Finally, one hobby that I enjoy and stuck with for over a year.  Since I enjoy it so much it’s time to perfect my talent and branch out.  I’ll set up some personal hobby goals for 2014 to stop the confusion.



Goals for 2014


  • Organize crochet magazines/binders/books
  • Organize yarn
    • color
    • type
    • ball up ones attached to forgotten WIP’s
    • untangle and ball up (if not possible save for scrap/stuffing)
  • WIP’s
    • place ALL WIP’s in container
      • separate into categories and place in bags
      • pick a WIP and finish completely
    • place finished WIP’s in another container
      • clean
      • photograph
      • showcase
      • sell