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Goals for the New Year

The craft side of my life is in a state of confusion.  Finally, one hobby that I enjoy and stuck with for over a year.  Since I enjoy it so much it’s time to perfect my talent and branch out.  I’ll set up some personal hobby goals for 2014 to stop the confusion.



Goals for 2014


  • Organize crochet magazines/binders/books
  • Organize yarn
    • color
    • type
    • ball up ones attached to forgotten WIP’s
    • untangle and ball up (if not possible save for scrap/stuffing)
  • WIP’s
    • place ALL WIP’s in container
      • separate into categories and place in bags
      • pick a WIP and finish completely
    • place finished WIP’s in another container
      • clean
      • photograph
      • showcase
      • sell