The Point of Appearing at Creativ Festival?

It’s all about hooking, don’t get it twisted.

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The Crochet Crowd, Hooker Alley, The Crochet Crowd

Our fans are always asking me why I keep choosing Creativ Festival as one of the only places where The Crochet Crowd comes out to play. It’s simply due to location and the amount of people that show up. Attending shows are extremely costly and though we would love to attend more… we simply cannot afford it.

We take the show extremely seriously as brings out 10’s of thousands of guests who will walk past us during the 2 or 3 day show. It’s held every April and October. It’s an opportunity to showcase creativity to people who think crochet is just for old ladies in rocking chairs, complete with kitty cats on their lap. The Crochet Crowd defies the stereotype and I am pretty proud of that.

Crochet Yarn Bike. Mikey preparing to yarn bomb his bike. He was taking notes and writing down dimensions to aim…

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