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A Swerve Scarf in Just 60 Seconds

This has to be the easiest scarf to make. By the time Christmas arrives again I can have a tote full of gifts.  The cost of the yarn is between $5.49 to $7.89.  Since it’s so easy and  takes 60 seconds I will spring into action when a yarn sale happens and arm myself with a 40% off coupon and my 15% off discount card.

Swerve Yarn

Red Heart Boutique™ Swerve Yarn

This loopy yarn is fun and so easy to use. You can make a scarf in just minutes using only your bare hands! It’s perfect for mindless projects and kids just starting out.

  • Weight category: 6
  • Content: 81% acrylic/17% wool/2% polyester
  • Put up: 3.5oz/100g, 11yd/10m
  • Gauge: accurate gauge is not important for most projects using this yarn; may be used with size 50 needles or Q hook
  • Dyelotted: We try but are not always able to match dyelots
  • Care: Hand wash gently in cold water (86F/30C), lay flat to dry, do not bleach, do not iron, may be cry cleaned with any solvent except trichloethylene

Click here for the pattern or look below for the instructionsSwerve Yarn Scarf Pattern

Unwind the ball of yarn and lay it flat on the floor or table. Take one end of the yarn and match up with the opposite end, doubling your yarn. Using your hand and doubled yarn, make a slip knot leaving a 5” tail and adjust loop to width of your hand. Pull yarn through the loop to form a chain. Using the palm of your hand to adjust the size of chain. Continue to pull yarn through each chain formed until you reach 45”. Tie off. Knot each end three times and trim remaining yarn.


Knot Just Yarn Blog

Yes you can! You can actually do up an entire scarf in about 60 seconds.

Bulky novelty yarns like Red Heart Swerve are really great for doing an exceptionally speedy project! The yarn is doing all of the bulk and work for the final look. You are just helping it out a little to give it the full look it needs.

Review the video below and see how easy it is to make!

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