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Not Your Average Cloth

After discovering and working with cotton yarn I took a detour and made dishcloths.   Nothing could beat my dishcloths from Walmart.  Let me say this, I haven’t used a store bought dishcloth in a few months now.  The first few ones I made were nothing spectacular, just your basic square pattern.  I had my doubts about washing dishes with it so I shared them with friends.  The cotton yarn is the key.  I like it because it’s inexpensive and comes in an array of marvelous colors.

Sugar ‘n Cream is one of my favorites.  I like the way things feel on my hands and I’ve found Sugar ‘n Cream to be a bit hard on my hands and I always have a tight tension for some reason.  So I try not to make too many things with this yarn, mainly large projects.


Pineapple Dishcloth Citrus Punch Pack Citrus Punch Dishcloths Spa Cloth