Ice Cream Hat

Thought I would not go back to making hats for a while.  After seeing so many lovelies I started back again.  What was I thinking, hats are a great way to display your skills.  I showed off a couple and in return received a sale, whoopee!  Duh, it’s cold out and people are still wearing hats.  The plan I have in the works is to go through all my WIP’s of hats and finish weaving the ends.  You already know I don’t like to do it but it has to get done.  Whatever hat that does not sell I will donate what I have to a charity.

The Chameleon Hat on Raverly caught my attention very quickly.  The sizes were straight forward and easy to follow.  Even though it’s geared for Newborn-Kids it had instructions on how to make it adult size with simply adding a two rows.  Ice Cream Hat with Watermark1

There are so many color combos that can be made and of course think of what type of embellishment you can add to it.

I found another hat to make from the same site called Rina’s Beanie

Name change…… Cool Summer Hat

Cool Summer HatLogo

This was my first time making a hat from cotton yarn.  I usually use the cotton yarn for my dishcloths but now they are going to serve another purpose.  I may have to venture out to Hobby Lobby and try their brand of cotton yarn.  Any excuse is good for me to go buy yarn.


Completed: Crochet project bag and some adventures in crochet

Oh the joys of looking back at your first project and comparing it to now. I know I’ve made some disasters like making a hat for a baby that ended up the size of a giant, lol. My sister has now picked up the crochet hook and shares her first projects with me. They are quite different but we all started out that way. She laughs at the fact that she can show me a picture of yarn and I can tell her which brand it is. In time, we will all reach the level of satisfaction that we want to achieve.


A couple of weeks ago I started to learn crochet. What, crochet? And you didn’t like knitting, why would you even try crochet? And do you really need another hobby? Well, I want to have some projects that I can easily take with me on the train. While you can technically take hand-sewing projects on the train I find this a bit too much trouble because you need to bring thread, needles, pins, scissors and a bag to put all the cut off threads in because I don’t want to litter and then I’m constantly worrying that I’m dropping pins all over the place and that someone else will sit in them. A knitting or crochet project requires much less stuff and I think these might work better for travel related crafting. I’ve tried knitting twice and both times this wasn’t very successful so crochet (only 1 hook!) seemed like…

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Cozy at Home Crochet Socks Crochet Pattern

I’ve always wanted to try making socks and I’ve had this pattern on my list for awhile now. I need to just bite the bullet and give it a try.

Knot Just Yarn Blog

One of the most requested patterns for us are crochet socks. Most sock patterns we find are thin yarn and are specialty sock yarn. Interestingly, Red Heart has just released a pattern for socks done with Red Heart With Love. You can substitute your Red Heart Super Saver for these as well.

Using thicker yarn the socks don’t look as nice as the stitch work looks too bulky and you can see your feet through the socks. Not these, a fabulous design taking into account thicker yarn and being practical at the same time.

Enjoy this free pattern, Cozy at Home Crochet Socks Crochet Pattern.

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